UW-Madison Campus

UW faculty join students for free speech debate to discuss how exposure to dissenting viewpoints affects college experience

Dialogue raises concerns about greater issues across college campuses, function of universities in society

UW-Madison Campus

Transcript: The Badger Herald sits down with Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Blank discusses free speech, campus safety, campus climate, religious diversity, Foxconn


This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the right to protest

In a time as politically polarized as 2017, we should be thankful for the First Amendment


Raising issues with controversial opinions better than silencing them to avoid offense

Silencing opinions that some deem harmful antithetical to free speech


Board of Regents speech policy a triumph for liberty

Protecting free speech on college campuses is imperative because as it promotes necessary civil discourse, bridges gap between left, right


Point Counterpoint: Protecting free speech in its entirety is nothing but productive

Hearing perspectives different from your own facilitates potentially impactful conversations


Point Counterpoint: Free Speech is a universal right

UW has long history of freedom of speech, that history should not end now with Campus Free Speech bill


There are better ways to protect free speech than punishing those who disagree

Protecting students from imminent violence is one thing, but punishing students for vague reasons is another

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW System more tolerant of hate than those who stand against it

Students' ability to assemble, protest controversial speakers trampled with new UW policy


Lack of political diversity on college campuses stifles productive free speech

First Amendment should make people uncomfortable, not silence opposing voice