Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW System more tolerant of hate than those who stand against it

Students' ability to assemble, protest controversial speakers trampled with new UW policy


Lack of political diversity on college campuses stifles productive free speech

First Amendment should make people uncomfortable, not silence opposing voice


ANTIFA’s violence allows them to be branded as ‘alt-left’

Acting as a violent vigilante is not in ANTIFA's best interest


From the desk of the editor: Don’t stay silent — fight for your right to free speech

The Badger Herald welcomes all who wish to exercise their First Amendment liberty

State of Wisconsin

UW System reaffirms its commitment to free speech

Resolution was discussed roughly 13 minutes before the Board unanimously reaffirmed support

State of Wisconsin

Proposed bill would penalize faculty members who impede free speech

Sen. Vukmir says free speech rights on campus are 'under assault'

State of Wisconsin

GOP-backed legislation looks to address free speech rights on campus

One Wisconsin Now believes the bill silences student voices


Protestors, pick your battles: Forbes’ speech not worth your breath

Freedom of speech includes both sides

Letter to the Editor

The answer to the free speech question is somewhere in the middle

With both sides making valid arguments, finding which one is in correct is far more difficult than we might imagine

Dirty Bird

Letter to the Editor: Free speech and discourse in journalism are vital to me announcing that I am an asshole

I am free to put on display my hateful nature as an individual but just to be clear you are not free to criticize my alarming intolerance