Foxconn’s free pass on air pollution costs Wisconsinites their health

Limiting environmental restrictions to certain regions may give business an edge, but unjust to public


Condemning Foxconn entirely will blow up in Democrats’ faces

Rather than criticizing entire plan, Democrats should at least posit plan will thrive more under their supervision


Walker’s booming economy beneficial for Wisconsinites, increases his chance at reelection

From Foxconn to sales tax holiday, Walker's comprehensive economic policy should scare Democratic gubernatorial candidates

UW-Madison Campus

Gov. Scott Walker expresses optimism about future of GOP in Wisconsin with College Republicans

Conservatives can have an impact in a place as liberal as Madison, Walker said

State of Wisconsin

Dept. of Justice fears Eau Claire lawsuit could jeopardize Foxconn deal

Dispute concerns $1.5 million spent on Confluence Performing Arts Center in Eau Claire


Point Counterpoint: Foxconn will remembered as historic, successful economic reform for Wisconsin

Economic benefits are clear, Wisconsinites can expect surge in jobs created


Point Counterpoint: Foxconn funds could have done so much for Wisconsin

A last ditch effort to leave his mark, Scott Walker's Foxconn plan a misuse of state dollars

State of Wisconsin

Foxconn incentive package heads to Walker’s desk after passing in state Assembly

Vote fell along party lines