Responsible anonymous sourcing enhances news coverage

Media outlets such as The New York Times have protected identities of valued sources, providing consumers with crucial insights


From the desk of the editor: Publications strive their best to fight ‘fake news’ — news consumers should too

Those who do not take time to fact check stories they're sharing are just as complicit in the epidemic of 'fake news'


Journalism education emphasizes transparency, ethics, accuracy, not deceit, bias

Suggesting that factual inaccuracies, bias rule journalism industry is preposterous

City of Madison

Panel of journalists talk fake news, responsible reporting in 2018

Panel disagreed on where accountability lies, but agreed support of good journalism institutions key


Rohingya genocide can no longer be ignored

In an era of fake news and an "America first" philosophy, the Rohingya need our attention now more than ever


News is a consumer good, too — be healthy, responsible

With more and more fake news finding its way into the mainstream, paying attention to what we read is a must


Through notion of ‘fake news,’ Trump is sending American people into an existential crisis

Falling on a certain side of the political spectrum seems to determine what news is fact and what news is fiction

State of Wisconsin

Mid-recount update shows nearly no change in election result

Over 70 percent of ballots counted

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