The semester that was: Spring 2019’s biggest stories

Here are the most contested stories from the spring semester

State of Wisconsin

UW experts say Trump’s ‘free speech’ executive order will have limited impact on college campuses

Executive order requires college campuses to protect free speech, but implementation still unclear


In light of Trump’s free speech executive order, UW’s existing policy is worthy of praise

UW System's free speech and protest policy already covers much of Trump's latest executive order


UW students deserve better than a travel ban

International students, faculty at UW should not have to feel ashamed of where they come from

Letter to the Editor

Dear Ron Johnson: Do your job and stand up to Trump’s revised travel ban

Trump's second travel ban is no less hateful than the first


Facts speak louder than words: Syrian refugees have never been a threat to America

If we really want to fight terrorism we must fight the fear it has instilled in us, not the innocent people suffering from it


From Muslims to Mormons, religious freedom should never be violated

America has never faltered to accept groups fleeing religious persecution — why start now?


Leaked executive order could wreak havoc on LGBTQ+ Americans

These are not attempts to protect religious freedom, they are attempts to formally legitimize conservative Christian power and influence in this country

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: From concerned law students, to the UW System Board of Regents

Students call on UW System, UW administration to stand strong against Trump's executive order on immigration


If it quacks like a Muslim ban, then it probably is a Muslim ban

Even if executive order's wording is not explicit, in practice, Islam is clear target

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