UW-Madison Campus

ASM spring election renders UW’s lowest voter turnout in recent history

Six percent of student body voted from March 12-14


Teachers hold immense governing power before gubernatorial elections

Future treatment of Wisconsin's educators could be deciding factor in November's gubernatorial election

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of professors dissect Russian election meddling

Russian influence in elections has been going on for years around the world, U.S. election just brought it to light, panelists said


Blunders in Virginia point to bleak future for Wisconsin progressives

Balance between utopian ideologies, moderate base voters key for future of Democratic party


It’s the civic duty of all citizens to learn about their local officials

Properly understanding your community starts with understanding local government


State political polling needs to restore its credibility

After woefully inaccurate predictions for Wisconsin's 2016 elections, next year's races provide opportunity


Wisconsinites should get more involved in smaller elections

For our democratic system to work to its fullest potential, every eligible voter needs to turn out

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin political reporters hand down advice in turbulent times for journalism

Journalists covering state beat discussed importance of reporting on government, politics

State of Wisconsin

Mayor calls Wisc. legislator ‘charlatan’ for labelling Madison as ‘communist community’

Duffy said city is trying to delay vote recount process

State of Wisconsin

Here’s what to expect from Wisconsin’s ballot recount

Experts raise concerns about accuracy of electronic recount