Republican response to sexual assault allegations alarmingly underwhelming

Public response by GOP politicians show their willingness to drop coveted 'family values' in face of sexual assault allegations to maintain political agenda


Zervos testimony deserves to be heard, regardless of Trump’s power

After multiple women have come forward with claims of sexual assault against the president, it's time for their voices to be heard

City of Madison

Madison community rallies for undocumented workers, refugees

About 400 community members raised their voices in support of immigration reform in light of Trump administration

UW-Madison Campus

Trump’s ‘erratic’ policies make future of Middle East uncertain, speaker says

Speaker thinks Trump's erratic behavior makes him unprofessional

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: History isn’t always red, white and blue

Basic facts are often warped by the country stamped on the historian's passport


Trump’s national security team brings safety back to America

Including military personnel in the Cabinet gives our country hope for foreign policy success


Trump provides Syrians the security Obama never could

Previous column ignores glaring faults of Obama administration's handling of Syria, overlooks value of this decision


Point Counterpoint: Make America a nation of immigrants again

Trump's policy on refugees is a thinly veiled attempt at discrimination and bigotry

UW-Madison Campus

UW professors determine Trump’s ‘rating bonanza’ led to success in polls

News ratings, targeted political advertising played a major role in determining the winner

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin political reporters hand down advice in turbulent times for journalism

Journalists covering state beat discussed importance of reporting on government, politics