State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers are simply fronts for large corporations, PACs attempting to push their agendas, speaker says

Politicians pocket dark money from big companies, who strategically keep legislators in power that will support certain bills


Wave of women candidates marks historic shift in political culture

As consequence of Trump Administration's problematic policies, more women are currently running for office than ever before


Trump’s plans for military parade evocative of patriotic history, not North Korea

Military parades are not partisan issue, but method to honor American heroes

City of Madison

Soglin denounces Trump’s infrastructure plan, considers Gov. Walker’s approval ‘betrayal’

Plan encourages private investment in public infrastructure, could leave major portions of interstate system open to tolling


Trump’s support of sexual abusers symptomatic of deep-seeded American rape culture

Regardless of political position or societal power, everyone should be held responsible for their actions


Despite controversial first year, improving economy may catapult Trump to second term

Based on State of the Union polls, Trump's political career could make it past 2020


Government shutdown, senate seats flipping indicate rift in Republican Party

We may look back on President Trump's time in office as origin of eventual Republican party split


Do us all a favor, stop giving Trump attention on Twitter

The president's social media activity epitomizes his historically obnoxious strategy to monopolize attention


Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to change

Shifting congressional control is first step to dismantling Trumpism


Party affiliation should have no impact on holding men accountable

Sexual assault allegations should not be weighed against one another to see which is 'worse'