To reduce violence, civility must make a return to American political culture

Polarized rhetoric may encourage outrageous acts of domestic terrorism

State of Wisconsin

Trump rallies for Walker, Vukmir — promises job creation, immigration control, healthcare reform

Trump visits Wisconsin region that holds 49 percent disapproval rate, despite support in 2016 presidential elections


Movie Review: BlacKkKlansman opens up doors for discussion about race, Charlottesville

BlacKkKlansman makes Trump's comments about Charlottesville impossible to forget


Trump’s polarizing nature could mean bad news for Leah Vukmir’s campaign

Although a presidential endorsement sounds positive, Trump's divisive politics could alienate centrist voters


President Trump is not global symbol of peace

Suggesting our commander in chief has done enough to deserve Nobel Prize is wildly misguided


Can’t tell me nothing: Kanye’s social media outburst should concern everyone

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Why the Sinclair scripts decrying fake news are inherently hypocritical

Sinclair Broadcast Group preaches commitment to the facts, but haven't been able to straighten them out themselves

State of Wisconsin

Walker ready to send troops to border, supports Trump’s ‘aggressive action’

Walker's view is met with opposition from Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan


Hey Trump, start listening to your advisers

Retaliatory tariffs demonstrate Trump's lack of expertise, disregard of closest advisers unwise

State of Wisconsin

As Trump declares third week of March Poison Prevention Week, Wisconsin State Senate passes bill combating opioid epidemic

In 2016, 63,600 people died from drug overdose in U.S., with opiods contributing to two-thirds of deaths