Embracing diversity provides countless unique, priceless opportunities

Incoming students should take advantage of UW's diversity to challenge previous ideas

City of Madison

MarketReady program looks to help minorities in Madison Public Market

System will help a total of 30 businesses, draw businesses to region

Letter to the Editor

Stop calling me ‘the whitest black guy you know’

Do not equate intelligence or success with the color of ones skin

Letter to the Editor

Diversity initiatives at UW have a long way to go

UW's attempts to create more inclusive campus is a good start, but campus still not truly welcoming


‘Somebody else’s babies’ helped form this nation

U.S. Rep. Steve King rightfully condemned for his hateful calls to homogenize America

UW-Madison Campus

UW System task force looks at ways to expand diversity efforts

Board of Regents work to evaluate improvements to campus climate


For the sake of progressive values, reinstate the military draft

Our lack of intimate connection to the military leads us to mistreat veterans and weakens foreign policy


Oscar nominations more diverse than years past, continue to reward white mediocrity

2017's official nominations contain both hits and misses, but serve as a hopeful beacon for greater future representation


How Tomi Lahren inadvertently made the most progressive statement of the year

Labels are what got us into this mess, so maybe millennials pushing to strip them away can get us out

UW-Madison Campus

While UW student government diversifies, some say efforts fall short

Holes in representation remain as a new generation works to mend ties with overlooked communities