With Paul Ryan announcing retirement, Democrats and Republicans gauge potential of ‘blue wave’

The races for governor and Ryan's district could be more competitive than past elections


As GOP tax plan gains public support, Democrats follow suit

With new tax plan, Democrats show they recognize positive impacts of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Overcrowding in Democratic gubernatorial primary may lead to Republican victory

Squabbling between candidates gives incumbent Gov. Scott Walker time to fill his war chest


Point Counterpoint: School choice, comprehensive investment keys to addressing underperforming schools

School vouchers, freedom to choose appropriate schools characterize Wisconsin government's dedication to education improvement


DACA does not deserve to be used as bargaining chip during government shutdown

Democrats and Republicans alike are responsible and at fault for eventual fate of DACA

State of Wisconsin

Walker’s State of the State address met with mixed reactions

Nonpartisan fact-checking organization found much of his address was true


Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to change

Shifting congressional control is first step to dismantling Trumpism


JFK, Democratic icon, was far too conservative for today’s liberals

Following anniversary of JFK's assassination, important to reflect on his policies, legacy, political implications for 2017

Letter to the Editor

After a pattern of shortcomings, it’s time to reevaluate the two-party system

Democratic presidents have historically let down underrepresented communities, so it's time to think about the reality of a socialist candidate


Falling prey to reactive politics, Democrats work against their own interests

In order to truly combat the wrongs of the current administration, Democrats must focus on inner-party cooperation