UW-Madison Campus

UW proposes committee to advise administrators on issues facing undocumented students

Proposal will most likely pass Faculty Senate in April, committee chair says

UW-Madison Campus

Openly undocumented lawyer discusses current political climate, struggles facing undocumented students

Cesar Vargas also worked for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign


Veracious ad campaign targeting Paul Ryan’s stance on DACA encourages voter action

Corporate interests, upcoming elections have dictated governmental action — time to speak up


After Democrats fail Dreamers, Republicans must take initiative and save DACA

GOP has upper hand in fight for DACA, yet continue to drag their heels instead of making policy


Trump’s use of “chain migration” epithet dehumanizes family reunification

Using labels for fear-mongering has long been common immigration technique


DACA does not deserve to be used as bargaining chip during government shutdown

Democrats and Republicans alike are responsible and at fault for eventual fate of DACA

UW-Madison Campus

WUD organizations host student debate on government shutdown as tactic for Democrats

Many argued it was positive course of action for safety of DACA


DACA battle reveals dangerous implications of government without checks and balances

Abusing the roles of the Supreme Court, Congress, shows Trump administration's political ineptitude

City of Madison

Undocumented immigrants, protesters hold rally to demand lawmakers pass DREAM Act

Nearly 100 community members gathered in support of immigration reform

UW-Madison Campus

UW Law School provides assistance to DACA recipients

Immigrant Justice Clinic volunteered time to help community members meet Oct. 5 renewal deadline

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