Margaret Cho captured audience’s attention for entire ‘Fresh Off the Bloat’ show

Cho touched on topics ranging from sex to family


Sean Patton to deliver his ‘Number One’ comedy tour to Madison, bring jokes relatable to all

Comedian makes his seventh return to Madison


Conversation Starter: Margaret Cho on her career, new comedy tour

Notorious comedian speaks candidly about beauty standards, politics in modern America


With improv, unique political impressions, James Adomian is ready to make you laugh where it hurts

Touring and developing his politically-driven comedy show, Adomian will be making fun of all the white house weirdos in Madison April 4-6

Letter to the Editor

Suicide is no laughing matter

For comedy to be funny, comedians must learn the difference between being edgy and crossing the line


With tall boys and red Solo cups Adam Devine brings energetic boost to Madison

When Devine came on stage with a red Solo cup, the audience knew he was sure to be a good time to watch


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Comedy festival benefiting the ACLU to host shows in 33 cities across the country


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Dina Nina Martinez to create new opportunities through Lady Laughs Comedy Festival

The event will take place in Madison this weekend