Unpaid internships unjustly exploit college students

We have resumes to fill, but we also have student debt to pay — everyone should be compensated for labor

Letter to the Editor

The answer to the free speech question is somewhere in the middle

With both sides making valid arguments, finding which one is in correct is far more difficult than we might imagine


New York stands as beacon of hope for debt-ridden college students nationwide

Low-cost or even free college would greatly increase accessibility of higher education for students of lower socio-economic status

What's On Tap

What’s on Tap: Easy drinks for darties

No more warm Natty!


Americans should embrace gap years and the necessary break they provide for students

American students too pressured to take time to see the world before starting the rest of their lives


Taking attendance in classes is a waste of time

Forcing students to attend classes does nothing but dull an otherwise vibrant learning environment

UW-Madison Campus

Students express concern about safety, inclusivity to UW System president

Ray Cross discussed the UW System's 2020FWD initiative with ASM Wednesday


There are 69 million eligible millennial voters, so why aren’t candidates talking about college affordability?

In first two presidential debates, 'college' was mentioned only four times

UW-Madison Campus

Swiping right: College students seek more than just hookups through dating apps

Research shows young people are finding long-term relationships online but sexism, exclusion deter some women, LGBTQ+ community members from joining platforms like Tinder, OKCupid


State debt specialist looks to provide students with resources to make college affordable

Gov. Scott Walker created the position to further help students pay for college within UW System