City of Madison

On the issues: What Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell has planned out

Mitchell, a firefighter and union head, believes he is perfectly fit to be governor

UW-Madison Campus

Students, like legislators, still looking for solutions to gun violence

Student panel demonstrated how campus climate on gun control reflects national debate

UW-Madison Campus

Gubernatorial candidate looks to renew progressive engagement, encourages bipartisan discussion

Kelda Roys looks to break up conservative viewpoints that dominate State Assembly


Point Counterpoint: Public education funding integral to nationwide success at all levels

Rather than gutting funds for K-12 public education, investing in system is obvious choice


Point Counterpoint: A ways to go, but so much to be proud of

After tough losses in 2016, Democrats still have much to be optimistic about going forward


Point Counterpoint: Why you should join College Democrats

Now is the time for cynicism to become passionate activism, so join the Dems as we fight

City of Madison

More than half a million people have already voted in Wisconsin

Dane County and Milwaukee County account for 30 percent of the votes

State of Wisconsin

College Republicans, Democrats debate election issues

Debate topics include education, foreign policy, economics


Point Counterpoint: Clinton is only candidate capable of handling national security

Former Secretary of State has encouraged Americans to go abroad, build mutual understanding