Proposed national anthem mandate threatens democracy, challenges racial justice movements

The bill is authoritarian and undermines private companies’ First Amendment rights


Let football bring us together — give Kaepernick another chance

Kaepernick's protest was for something truly American — freedom. He deserves to be on the field.


Wisconsin’s white Republicans need to respect the decisions of the Black Caucus

The GOP's removal of Colin Kaepernick from list of Black History Month honorees is insensitive, unnecessary

State of Wisconsin

Colin Kaepernick removed from Black History Month resolution after backlash from Wisconsin GOP lawmakers

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Kaepernick's inclusion in resolution would impede Democrats, Republicans from working together


In light of Nike’s Kaepernick ad campaign, students should be wary of ‘performative progressiveness’ coming from corporations

On a liberal campus like UW, students should be aware of implications of their support for corporations trying to save face


Nigel’s Twitter ‘rantings’ speak truth of #BlackLivesMatter

Social activism is highlighted by athletes tearing down traditional roles


Bronson vs. Kaepernick: Not all protests are created equal

While some athletes choose to sit in protests, others are standing up


Don’t move on from Kaepernick’s protest, it was no ordinary celebrity stunt

Incident sparks necessary dialogue about race on national stage, college campuses

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