UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: Blank urges climate change protestors to protest respectfully

Protestors wore nooses on corner of Park, University

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor describes importance of sustainability to indigenous Arctic communities

Language, culture all dependent on environment in indigenous Arctic communities


The first Earth Day originated in Wisconsin — here’s how far we’ve come since then

The first Earth Day was gripped with urgency on both sides of the aisle, that same urgency is needed now more than ever

UW-Madison Campus

New report predicts warmer temperatures, extreme precipitation in Great Lakes area

Changes in climate will bring more flooding, heat waves to midwest, affect public health

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of diverse political perspectives discuss Green New Deal, issue of climate change

Members of student political organizations debated most effective means to combatting climate change

City of Madison

Madison to replace existing fleet of vehicles with electric models by 2020

City will purchase 20 vehicles with help from Madison Gas and Electric, state grant

State of Wisconsin

Meteotsunami forecasting efforts underway in light of recent research

Initiatives underway to develop, refine prediction strategies for storm events, further investigation needed


Campaigning for change: Rhodes-Conway names affordable housing, public transportation as two key platform points approaching April’s election

As the April 2 mayoral election approaches, Rhodes-Conway reiterates the importance of community and political collaboration to enact change within Madison

UW-Madison Campus

Fewer days with frozen lakes may affect Madison culture, community

Ongoing impacts of climate change could change traditional winter activities in Madison


Green New Deal could create jobs, raise wages, improve environment in Wisconsin

Clean, renewable energy isn't only benefit in adopting the Green New Deal