City of Madison

Tensions arise between UW, local government over rising COVID-19 cases

UW Chancellor says off-campus parties, large gatherings not under university jurisdiction

UW-Madison Campus

UW temporarily suspends in-person research in response to recent directive from Chancellor

'Our goals are to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection and promote the safety of our human research participants and our community,' the announcement says

UW-Madison Campus

UW voter drive to be cancelled following Chancellor’s directive to limit in-person interaction

Director of Univeristy Communications says UW is still committed to voter education and preparedness

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UW-Madison Campus

ASM calls on UW to move online, do more to protect students, staff from COVID-19

ASM support TAA in call for Moral Restart, says current efforts to protect students, staff are not enough

UW-Madison Campus

Patterson urges UW graduates to ’embrace life’ in Spring 2020 commencement speech

'No one will ever forget the class of 2020,' Patterson said

UW-Madison Campus

Blank releases employee furlough policy to make up for COVID-19 financial losses

Furloughs will help UW make up $30 million of $100 million in losses, Blank said

UW-Madison Campus

Administrative Improvement Awards acknowledge innovations made for university community

Member of Student Information System Optimization Program Team speaks on specific improvements implemented to SIS

UW-Madison Campus

Board of Regents grants Cross, Blank ability to create employee furlough policy

Cross said UW System projects $168 million in emergency costs

UW-Madison Campus

UW predicts $100 million loss due to COVID-19 pandemic

Loss mainly comes from reimbursement for students moved out of dorms, employee parking permits

UW-Madison Campus

James Patterson, John Felder to speak at spring commencement

Patterson is world's best selling author, Felder was the spokeperson for the Black Student Strike of 1969

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