Board of Regents speech policy a triumph for liberty

Protecting free speech on college campuses is imperative because as it promotes necessary civil discourse, bridges gap between left, right


Agriculture experts attempt to dispel myths, inform public on GMOs

GMOs are as safe as non-GMO foods for consumers, panelists said

UW-Madison Campus

Sexual assault reported in southern part of campus

Victim, suspect know each other

UW-Madison Campus

Professor strikes down ‘born this way’ argument for homosexuality

Sexuality is a choice, not fixed, speaker says

UW-Madison Campus

From Wisconsin to Africa, UW nurse changes classrooms, but not curriculum

Susan Gold, recipient of Reciprocal Exchange Award, to lead class on reproductive health care

UW-Madison Campus

UW expert looks to encourage students to fight for cleaner future

Despite political polarization, John Greenler said he is 'optimistic' for future transition into clean energy system

UW-Madison Campus

Openly gay Muslim leader shares life story, hopes to change perceptions of identity

People do not challenge institutions on issues of sexuality, religion, Daayiee Abdullah says

UW-Madison Campus

UW reviews Camp Randall policies after public backlash over Halloween incident

Rev. Alex Gee calls UW's handling of incident felt like a 'slap-on-the-wrist response'

UW-Madison Campus

Cole formally resigns from ASM amid heated open forum

Cole delivered his resignation in the form of a spoken word presentation


UW basketball player Vitto Brown kicks off final-push voting campaign with song, demonstration

Voting song reaches students in a more creative way