BREAKING: Alleged ‘Loch Ness Monster’ sighted in Lake Mendota

The Badger Herald investigation reveals creature possesses unprecedented and ungodly speed


The Banter Herald: What it’s like being only funny person on staff

Banter editor is funniest, sexiest person on staff, according to everybody


Lakeshore kids more likely to survive a pandemic, uncredible college junior says

No one wants to be unhappy in their residence hall – turns out, unhappiness could help keep freshmen safe during coronavirus. 


My day in self-isolation during COVID-19 pandemic

All it takes to get through 14 hours at home is social media, sports


19 things to do while waiting for your Spirit Airlines flight

Let's be real — we all know it's going to be delayed by four hours

Dirty Bird

Photo Essay: The Dirty Birb goes on spring break!

Everyone's been asking: What did the Dirty Bird staff do over spring break? Here's your answer, in photos.

Dirty Bird

Tales from the deep: The Vilas Floods of 2019

Yes, we know it's April. Why do you ask?

Dirty Bird

All the way from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, here’s yet another take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Despite having our own representatives who are relevant to campus, I'm going to instead talk about AOC. Again.


Naps on campus: Doze for days in these cozy spots

Mourning death of ‘Craps on campus’ content brings from ashes new generation of ideas for ideal napping spaces, cow friends


Bucky up your winter look with stickers, stencils

Now I can make a Bucky jumpsuit

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