UW-Madison Campus

UW professors determine Trump’s ‘rating bonanza’ led to success in polls

News ratings, targeted political advertising played a major role in determining the winner


Scott Walker gets Boned big time

Look at those boners!

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: After a semester abroad, it’s not easy to feel proud to be an American

I'd never felt embarrassed of my heritage - until I was faced with the harsh reality that the rest of the world believes I should be

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of UW experts look to make sense of the 2016 election

Identity politics, a misunderstanding of middle America by mass media used to interpret results


Trump’s victory and the international rise of the Populists

Across the globe, small but powerful factions of the electorate are splitting from establishment politics


Craigslist ‘rants and raves’ are on fire this week

People are a little heated over the election results

State of Wisconsin

State legislators react to Republican sweep in state, national elections

Vos calls strong Republican majority 'truly historic'


The Badger Herald Banter staff endorses Mayor McCheese for president

There is only one sensible candidate in this election


Feingold hypocritical in campaign finance attacks

Sen. Johnson isn't the only one receiving big money from PACs

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker spends birthday promoting Republican values to UW students

Walker encourages voting in tight Senate election