Remember that video that was played at every 2021 Wisconsin football game before “Jump Around” about the Camp Randall renovations? Well, just in case you were overserved and don’t remember, here is an update on those changes coming to life.  

In 2019, the University of Wisconsin announced changes coming to Camp Randall in the form of taking out 6,000 bleacher seats for 2,300 premium seats that will be added to the south end zone. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed back construction from an original target date of July 2020 to Nov. 22, after the Badgers’ final home game.  

Originally built in 1917, the new developments are the first changes made to Camp Randall since 2005 when indoor club seats were added to the east side of the stadium. The goal of this renovation is to enhance the game day experience of Badger diehards. The motivation for the renovation stems largely from season ticket holders, who yearn for a more luxurious and hospitable experience on Saturdays.

The details of the project include premium seating with access to indoor and outdoor hospitality clubs. It also includes a climate-controlled, 10,000 square feet area with a bar, TV screens, all-inclusive food packages and more leg room. Individuals who purchase these seats also receive priority access to postseason and  bowl game tickets and will have rights to the tickets for the next 10 years.

Based on the mock videos and architectural renderings which display the vision for the final project, the renovation looks like it will exceed expectations. It will certainly add a more sociable, community feel to a football game.  

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The $77.6 million project will be ready for the 2022 opener, when the Badgers host Illinois State on Sep. 3. No seating will be impacted for the 2022 season. The Badger faithful has responded positively as season ticket holders have already sold out large boxes and ledge seats.

“It’s been well received,” Athletic Director Chris McIntosh said. “This project was born out of feedback that we got from our season ticket holders. They wanted a different experience, but yet open air. A little more hospitality and sales have  been great.”

Leaders of the development are bullish on the future of the renovation as they look  forward to improving the game day experience for Badger fans.  

The Camp Randall renovation will not merely be for football, as the Badgers hope to rent out the  upgraded space to large groups for year-round events such as wedding and retirement ceremonies. “This project will not be a seven Saturday a year project,” McIntosh said. “This will be year round, events, weddings. We’ll make a lot of use out of this one.” 

Most of the funds for the project lie in the south end zone, however, upgrades to the press box and the field turf surface are also part of the Camp Randall renovation.  

Already regarded as one of the most spirited experiences in the nation, this renovation promises to strengthen that reputation.