I usually wake up on Saturday mornings with low expectations for our Badgers.

“Maybe they win, maybe they lose,” I tell myself without a care in the world.

Though, every week, as it gets closer and closer to kick off, my attitude takes a sharp turn.

By 10 a.m., I was getting jittery.

The mind begins to reel with possibilities for the night ahead.

Gosh, just the thought of all the action punter Anthony Lotti was going to get was giving me chills.

Well, at least I was right on that one.

Soon, I had my mind made up, my heart was primed to be shattered — this Badger team had a date with destiny.

After all, we do have the best quarterback in the Big Ten, I thought foolishly. Quarterback Alex Hornibrook has been lights out all year! Did you see that game-winning drive in Iowa? Boy, has that fella turned a corner!

D’Cota Dixon was ruled out for the game.

As the old expression goes, “You don’t want to start a game in Ann Arbor with two inexperienced safeties who haven’t started a game in their life.”

The game began, and things looked promising. Running back Jonathan Taylor was doing his thing, finding daylight and exploding through it, carrying Wolverine defenders in tow as he shuffled for more yardage.

The offensive line was doing their part.

Then Hornibrook dropped back to pass — the ball was headed straight for a Michigan defender, oh no! Then, a fortuitous bounce! Wisconsin ball! Things will be fine!

Things would not be fine.

Then, the rest was history, which is my way of saying I’d rather not relive it.

Please email [email protected] to explain why roughing the snapper is all of a sudden a thing

Sure, we hung on in the first half. But teams that allow an 81-yard rush to the opposing quarterback generally don’t win that football game.

It was a rough weekend … at least Taylor rushed for 101 yards.

Though suddenly, my mood shifted.

It’s almost that time of year again!

Badger basketball! It’s like Badger football except for this time the heartbreak is on the hardwood.

Brad Davison, year two — revenge of the collarbone.

Ethan Happ’s final go-round, will he learn to shoot from 15 feet?

Can Aleem Ford, Brevin Pritzel, D’Mitrick Trice and co. take that next step?

So many questions, so little time.

I’m ready to be hurt again.