An exciting and challenging weekend awaits the University of Wisconsin men’s hockey team as they head out east to take on Boston College and Merrimack.

The Badgers are off to an exciting start this season, managing to earn a 2-1-0 record thus far this season, but what is perhaps one of their biggest challenges this season still lies ahead of them. This weekend will not only be about showing how great Wisconsin hockey is, but also showcasing the major differences between East coast and West coast hockey, as three powerful teams hit the ice to determine which coast truly has the best hockey.

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Wisconsin, the representative for West coast hockey, certainly has a lot to show this weekend as they enter Massachusetts currently ranked No.10 in the nation. Their first opponent of the weekend, Boston College, is currently ranked No.13 and is looking to move into the top ten in the NCAA.

While it might sound like Wisconsin has the slightest of edges this weekend, there are many things that actually favor Boston College this weekend. While the Eagles might be at No.13 this week, Boston is managing to hold on to this ranking despite only having a 0-0-1 record so far this season.

Wisconsin has been having a hard time moving up in the rankings, despite the fact they have a better record than six of the teams that are higher than them in the NCAA rankings. One reason for this is the fact many critics of Wisconsin hockey were not impressed with the fact the Badgers only managed to pull out one win against Ohio State this past weekend.

The Badgers have a lot to prove this weekend if they want to move up in the polls, and the first step to do that is going to be to have a good game against Boston College. After that, Wisconsin will come head to head with Merrimack, who is struggling this season and has yet to earn their first win of the season.

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If Wisconsin can head out East and make some waves, there is no doubt it will be harder for critiques to keep overlooking this team. First thing is first, the Badgers need to defeat Boston College.

Fans who want to watch the game can head over to ESPN3 Friday night at 6 p.m.