SWEET, SWEET VICTORY. We’re headed back to the Sweet Sixteen.

Because THIS happened:

You wanna see that again? I do.

Let’s get that fresh angle. YEP. OK.

Take it back now, ya’ll:

One more time, start to finish.

YES! YOU DID IT FAM! (Note: Nigel Hayes is indeed lifting head coach Greg Gard into the air.)

This girl is all of us. Send her an acceptance letter. She gets it.

Frank the Tank FREAKED. #tbt #missuboo

Slam Dekker was at a loss for words.


Bill Murray was so sad!!! (But why does it make me so happy???)

So naturally Crying Michael memes appeared out of thin air.

Which in turn created this work of art:

A lot of Space Jam stuff.

Let’s not forget this though, a beautifully executed moment from Showy:

Also this weirdness, #WTF was that??

The people took to Wikipedia:


Ok let’s see that shot again.

And FYI: