As mayhem broke out on State Street for the second straight year following Wisconsin’s win over Arizona, the Badgers trended in a big way on Twitter in the wake of an unprecedented second straight Final Four.

The cherry on top of the monumental win came in the form of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has become a regular at Wisconsin’s tournament games over the last two years.

Rodgers wasn’t about to discount double check, he was just really happy after Sam Dekker put the nail in the coffin with less than 20 seconds left.

Speaking of Dekker, Rodgers was celebrating arguably the coldest blooded three-pointer in the history of cold blooded three-pointers.

Here’s the shot, and don’t forget to drop the mic on your way out, Sam.

A John Candy referenced seemed appropriate to salute Dekker, a native of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Just a little more than 17 seconds later of game time and Wisconsin had knocked off the Wildcats and secured its second straight Final Four berth.

And what better way to celebrate than a selfie courtesy of forward Nigel Hayes, who was more than OK with snapping the candid shot.

Then the two players who carried Wisconsin to the triumph, and two future NBA players according to Arizona head coach Sean Miller, embraced one another after a hard day’s work.

Not to be forgotten about, several former Badgers’ greats, including quarterback Russell Wilson, weighed in on the big win.

No one could possibly forget last year’s bench mob leader Dan Fahey.

And as LA is right next to Hollywood, there was naturally a celebrity sighting or two.


But the Badgers didn’t let all the attention get to their heads, as they made sure to mind their p’s and q’s after the game.

Time to celebrate.