With spring finally is here to stay,  it’s time again for the outdoor sporting season in Madison. Although registration has already closed for RecSports spring intramural leagues, there are still plenty of sports and recreational activities to keep you busy this spring and summer.

Ultimate Frisbee

One of the hotter sports recently is Ultimate Frisbee, and Madison offers plenty of choices to get your ultimate fix. If you’re looking for a competitive outlet, the Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association is probably your best bet. MUFA’s summer league is the staple of the organization with more than 3,500 players and 170 different teams and plenty of variety for varying skill levels and interest in the game. For those not looking for a long time commitment, you can compete in pickup games at Vilas Park. Games are Saturdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at noon. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to 10-year veterans of the sport. More information about MUFA and the pickup games are available on the organization’s website.

Disc Golf

A combination of the skills of ultimate fribsee and golf, disc golf is a game where the object is to throw the disc into a cylindrical metal cage several feet off the ground in the fewest number of strokes, with every throw counting as one stroke. There are several Professional Disc Golf Association approved courses in the Madison area, including one in close proximity to campus on Madison’s west side at Elver Park, 1234 McKenna Blvd. Capital Hills is another course in Madison at 3220 Hill Farm Rd. Although the PDGA-approved courses are the best and top of the line, there are also more informal courses throughout the area, including one in the Maple Bluff neighborhood on the eastern side of Lake Mendota fairly close to Tenney Park.


For those looking to stick to the traditional game of golf, the Madison area offers a great swath of golf courses to test your talents and get out for an afternoon on the links. In Madison there are several city courses including Glenway, Monona, Odana Hills and Yahara Hills. Although golfing can be a more expensive endeavor, a Wisconsin student ID will get you reduced rates at all four courses. Glenway is the least expensive of four with a $9.50 anytime rate and golf cart rates per person of $7. Monona is a step up with a $10.50 rate and the same $7 cart fee if you wish to drive the course. The final two courses, Yahara and Odana Hills, are both $11.50 anytime rates with $7.50 cart fees per person. If you’re looking for a top of the line golfing experience, University Ridge, the golf course of the Wisconsin men’s and women’s golf teams, also has reduced rates for UW students. Before 3 p.m. students can golf 18 holes for $29 walking or $48 with a cart. The twilight special for students is $26 and $37 with a cart.

Whatever your outdoor activity of choice might be, you can almost certainly find it being played somewhere in Madison this spring.