The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be playing in the biggest football game of the year this Sunday and, whether you care about the game or not, chances are you will be drinking.

To add to the experience, the Herald has come up with a comprehensive Super Bowl drinking game that, if played correctly, will help you forget you actually watched the game.


Everyone must pick a team, either the Broncos or the Seahawks, which will be known as “your team” for the entirety of the game.

If your team gives up points, drink.

If you team turns the ball over, two drinks.

If your team scores a touchdown from over 50 yards out, everyone that is “on the other team” must finish their drink or take a shot.


Every time the University of Wisconsin is referenced on the broadcast, two drinks.

Every time a Badger is involved in a scoring play, the last person to throw up the “W” hand gesture must either take a shot or finish their drink.

If a Badger has a penalty called against him or commits a turnover, two drinks.


Every time Joe Buck brings up Richard Sherman, drink.

Every time the weather is brought up, drink.

If Troy Aikman talks about playing in the Super Bowl, drink.

If the announcers talk about Peyton Manning’s legacy, drink.


Car commercial? Drink.

Talking animal in the commercial? Drink.

Beer commercial? Drink… unless you are drinking the brand being advertised. In that case, you may (must) command someone else to drink.