The youth, vigilance and academic prowess of the Wisconsin offense have offered UW fans a chance to dream about just how far this team can go. While students dream of Big Ten titles and Rose Bowl berths, the young Badger football team is looking towards getting used to college and getting an education.

With a core of young players, the Badgers are looking to veteran leadership to make this season a success. Many of the younger players are also looking towards veterans to help them adjust to college life.

“Everybody’s young once,” said junior quarterback Jim Sorgi. “All of them are going to be good football players someday.”

That day may have been last Saturday. Just five days after beginning their academic careers at UW, Dwayne Smith, Brandon Williams and Jonathon Orr helped lead the team to victory. Now they have to continue their journey towards graduation.

“I’m not that far away from home,” said freshman running back Dwayne Smith. “But just getting acclimated with the campus and being away from home has been the hardest transition.”

Smith graduated from Hales Franciscan High School in Illinois, where he was an academic all-state honoree, a National Honor Society member, and No. 1 academically in his senior class.

Another UW freshman who graduated after four years of being on his high school honor role is two-time second-team all-state wide receiver Brandon Williams. Williams may have put up big numbers against West Virginia last Saturday, but he still knows that, at least in stature, he isn’t that big.
“I’m only 18 years old, and everyone else is 21,” said Williams. “So they’re physically stronger and probably mentally stronger.”
The UW offense still has a lot to learn, but in time it should blossom into a fine core of offensive talent. This season offers a true test for a group of true freshmen, who have to balance a life of football with a life of academics. Led by Williams and Smith, the Badger freshmen appear to be poised to have a successful season.
“We have to dot some I’s and cross some T’s,” said Sorgi. “We just have to be smart on the field.”