Having proven its dominance on newsstands, the Badger Herald softball team is looking forward to its third consecutive victory in Saturday’s annual Herald-Dirty Bird softball matchup.

“I think our hard-hitting reporting will translate into hard hitting Saturday,” Herald Editor in Chief Alex Conant said. “Having taken on the chancellor, city and Legislature, our writers are prepared for whatever ringers the Bird rustles up.”

Dirty Bird Editor in Chief Tom Derpinghaus said his staff was used to the underdog status and looking forward to Saturday’s uphill challenge.

“We try our best,” the Bird editor said. “That’s usually not good enough, but maybe it will be on Saturday.”

History does not bode well for the Dirty Bird. With the help of football MVP Lars Russell, The Badger Herald proved its crushing dominance on the gridiron last fall. Before that, the Herald had back-to-back victories in previous sandlot contests.

“Frankly, I’m surprised they’re coming back for more,” Russell said.

Herald team manager Zach Fehrenbach said his only concern is keeping the Herald’s starters from celebrating too early.

“Only God, in the form of intoxicating beverages, can stop us,” Fehrenbach said. “Or lightning. We’d probably stop then, too.”

In fact, Herald Managing Editor Katie Harbath was the only Herald starter to express any worries prior to the game.

“I imagine they’ll try to steal a lot of bases, just like they stole our layout,” Harbath said. “[Herald catcher] Ben Thompson better throw half as fast as he boasts.”