UW should go pass fail, students stressed enough

Not unprecedented move, preceded by Harvard


Editorial Board: Continuing experiment in uncertain times

Despite coronavirus fears, The Badger Herald commits to accurate, engaging digital coverage


Removing daylight savings time may be worthwhile endeavor for Wisconsin

Wisconsin switching from daylights savings time highlights arguments against implementing it in first place


Madison campus is not diverse, could be more supportive

Non-minority students could do more next year when Black History Month comes around


In light of coronavirus epidemic, vaccines should be mandatory

As US House of Representatives passed bipartisan bill to address coronavirus, Republican push against mandatory vaccine seems more nonsensical


Communications should not be a requirement, only leads to apathy, disinterest from students

Ability to communicate effectively can be key to employment for many college graduates, yet isn't taught properly at UW


Republican’s push for tax cuts will leave Wisconsin public education in even worse state

As Republican lawmakers push for a $250 million tax cut, it is up to Democrats to prevent continued deterioration of public facilities


It is time to end stop-and-frisk in Wisconsin, encourages racial prejudice and discrimination

Wisconsin ACLU reveals 80% of stop-and-frisk incidents lacked proper justification, highlights need to abolish racial profiling in law enforcement


People must recognize America’s flawed past to promote progress

Participation in democracy is imperative to make America more closely resemble vision of its citizens


SAD is driving the Midwest MAD

Stark contrast of day-to-day temperatures this past week revealed depressing reality of Seasonal Affective Disorder