The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Josh Kaul for attorney general

Kaul's experience in criminal cases make him the ideal candidate to move the Department of Justice forward


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate

Baldwin is honest, dependable and admits her mistakes, making her the candidate Wisconsin deserves


Point Counterpoint: Scott Walker makes Wisconsin work again

Booming economy, tax cuts, education initiatives make Walker clear choice for governor


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Tony Evers for governor

Evers' dedication to education, voter accessibility and LGBTQ+ rights makes him the perfect candidate to encourage progress in Wisconsin


Point Counterpoint: Tony Evers is the change Wisconsin has been waiting for

After seven years of education budget cuts, horrific road conditions, corporate interests, Evers will advocate for all Wisconsinites


City of Madison’s endorsement of grassroots campaigns begins to build political awareness

Though direct reduction in U.S. nuclear arms is not imminent, small campaigns play a crucial role in creating large-scale political change


To reduce violence, civility must make a return to American political culture

Polarized rhetoric may encourage outrageous acts of domestic terrorism

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: In wake of Pittsburgh massacre, UW campus community must show up for its Jewish students

Anti-Semitism did not appear and did not end with the Holocaust. Neither should our fight to end hatred.


#MeToo brought female leaders to prominence, but trend must continue

Nearly half of men fired for sexual harassment have been replaced by women, who have brought countless benefits to workplaces


While important, there are better ways to impact change than through voting

Like its seasonal counterpart Freakfest, VoteFest is another method of control on public activity