State Street should be converted into a pedestrian mall for economic growth, cultural expression

Madison community needs more shared space and Bus Rapid Transit can provide access


University will not mandate vaccines, need to explore other ways to incentivize vaccines

To motivate students to receive vaccines, UW could pay students for receiving vaccines


New UW policy increases event gathering limits but fails to include classes

In-person classes are safer and more valuable to students than events


MPD denies medical attention to houseless person, Wisconsin must use the CAHOOTS model for policing

MPD officers are not trained to deal with medical or mental health crises, their presence makes situtations worse


Drones establish internet access in rural Wisconsin, they are only a short-term solution

Drones are only temporary solutions, Wisconsin must do more to provide reliable internet for all


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Stop the Asian Hate

UW must step up and support Asian international students, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


UW administration reaction to Atlanta shootings falls short of what students need

APIDA-identifying students deserve more active rather than passive help from university


Police facing no charge after killing Black teen, fifty people sue Wisconsin city for its handling of protests

Mayor Dennis McBride violates First Amendment, defunding police and using CAHOOTS model may be solutions


UW, professors must support students’ mental health beyond words of advice

With no spring break and burnout rampant among students, mental health support must come as policy-based, structural changes


Wisconsin, US must take action to protect those fleeing Hong Kong after electoral restrictions

China's new rulings regarding elections in Hong Kong threatens democracy, US must help political refugees

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