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The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate

Elmikashfi's experience, leadership, youth will grant fresh perspective within senate

Courtesy of Nada Elmikashfi

It’s no secret that Wisconsin currently finds itself in a pivotal moment. More than 50,000 Wisconsinites have been infected with COVID-19 and around 900 have died from the virus. Thousands of Wisconsinites are protesting for racial justice, and even more have been waiting on unemployment benefits for months. The state’s unemployment rate sits at 12.1% according to the most recent data, and 34% of Wisconsin’s renter households are unable to pay rent and are at risk of eviction. It’s indisputable that Wisconsin is facing a slew of crises, the likes of which we have never seen before. And yet, the state legislature has passed one bill in the past four months — they haven’t been in session in more than 100 days.

Once again, we are left wondering why those in power are not fighting for us.

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We are not alone in this wondering. Nada Elmikashfi, a recent University of Wisconsin graduate and a true Madisonian, has firsthand experience in fulfilling the American dream within the systems and institutions built to exclude so many. Because of this adversity, Elmikashfi fights for the working class, for women, for people of color and for everyone who wants to help build a better community. For these reasons, and more, The Badger Herald Editorial Board is proud to endorse Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate.

For too long, Wisconsin has celebrated its progressive roots without electing leaders and adopting policies that help the most socially and economically disadvantaged in our state. Elmikashfi’s entire platform seeks to do just that. Whether it be fighting for BadgerCare for All, strengthening Wisconsin’s unions or advocating for climate justice, every aspect of Elmikashfi’s campaign is another step to a more equitable and vibrant future for Madison and Wisconsin as a whole. 

Most interestingly, Elmikashfi’s grassroots campaign succeeds without the backing of an institutional network. Instead, she builds a coalition of her own, with a strong vision for UW students. Her close relationships with Dane County District 5 Supervisor Elena Haasl and Madison District 8 Alder Max Prestigiacomo ensures the interests of UW students will be directly represented at each level of local government. While proximity in age is not the only requirement for understanding and advocating for college students, Elmikashfi’s combination of youth, community connections and experience give her a fresh, unique perspective that the state senate will surely benefit from. 

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Above all else, Elmikashfi is unapologetic and unafraid to stand up for what she believes is right. Her voice stands as a powerful representation of what progressivism should look like in Wisconsin, both figuratively and literally. As an immigrant, a young woman of color and a religious minority, Elmikashfi will bring sorely needed representation to the Capitol. Identity politics aside, Elmikashfi demonstrates the leadership, knowledge and temperament we want representing UW students’ voices in the state senate. 

The Badger Herald Editorial Board is proud to endorse a candidate who will fight for us because she is one of us. We are proud to endorse Nada Elmikashfi for state senate.


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This article was published Aug 1, 2020 at 5:08 pm and last updated Aug 1, 2020 at 5:08 pm


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