President Donald Trump has spearheaded working family and gender equality policies unlike any other president. These initiatives have been championed by senior adviser Ivanka Trump. In a landmark achievement, the Trump administration secured paid family leave for all federal employees, demonstrating a renewed commitment to American families and to the careers of working parents. Furthermore, the historic Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative is enabling women globally to prosper economically.

Paid family leave has long been considered a priority for Democrats and women’s advocacy groups — but under the Trump administration, paid family leave is an American priority. In 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act created the first federal law aiding Americans in work-life balance. While this legislation was a first step, it had numerous shortcomings. The biggest was a lack of compensation for parents in need of time off. Family is a cornerstone of American ideals, and paid family leave is a common-sense policy that allows American families to prosper during times of growth.

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Post-partum mothers typically need twelve weeks to recover and care for their newborn child. But, a lack of compensation during this time can create anxiety for the mother and put financial burdens on the family. Many women are concerned twelve weeks of leave will negatively impact their career. Mothers shouldn’t have to worry about their professional lives while bringing a child into the world.

In 2019, the Trump administration’s budget included paid family leave in the National Defense Authorization Act. This guarantees twelve weeks paid family leave to all federal employees. This historic bipartisan achievement is yet another promise made and kept. President Trump is the first president in American history to include paid family leave in their budget. This is what unprecedented change in Washington looks like.

Under Trump, families are prospering again. In 2018 alone, nearly 300,000 American families were lifted out of poverty. Not to mention more than half a million children being raised by single mothers were lifted out of poverty. Furthermore, the Child Care and Development Grant put $2.37 billion towards child care for parents who couldn’t afford it. Trump doubled the child tax credit for all Americans. This put an extra $2,200 dollars back in the pockets of 40 million families. This is what making American families great again looks like.

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Better yet, the Trump administration is taking these pro-women initiatives worldwide. In 2019, the WGDP launched on three pillars — women’s success in the workplace, female entrepreneurs, and women in the economy. The mission of the WGDP is to reach 50 million women globally by 2025. Ivanka Trump noted the program is not meant to be enacted forever, but rather to give global assistance to jumpstart the lives of millions of struggling women.

WGDP has proven to be incredibly effective in just its first year. The program reached over 12 million women and helped 2 million women participate in workforce training and development programs in countries including Ethiopia, Colombia and Morocco. This is what global progress for disadvantaged women looks like under the historic work of Ivanka Trump and her father.

Pro-women policies under the Trump administration are making tidal waves of progress for women globally.

“By investing in women around the world, we’re investing in families, we’re investing in prosperity, and we’re investing in peace,” Trump said.

For just the second time in history, women make up a larger part of the workforce than men. Of the new jobs created in 2019, 72% of them went to women. Not to mention, unemployment for women is at a 75 year low. Women are thriving like never before, and that’s why we encourage you to join the millions of Women for Trump across America.

Keeley Collins is a sophomore at UW-Madison studying communications and legal studies with a public policy certificate. She is also the social media director for the College Republicans of UW-Madison.