Abigail Steinberg — Managing Editor, Editorial Board Chair

Shalomie my homies! It’s ya girl Abby, back for another semester at UW’s ~premier~ student newspaper. I’m a junior majoring in political science and journalism, back from a semester interning for the U.S. Department of Justice as a part of the Wisconsin in Washington D.C. Program. Though my ultimate goal is to make it back to Washington D.C. and become the first president under 5 feet tall, it truly warms my heart to return to 152 W. Johnson Street and never leave for an entire semester. When I’m not writing something or volunteering, I’m probably inhaling another Margaret Atwood novel, crying to the musical Hadestown or trying to get Matthew Gray Gubler to follow me back on Twitter. 

This is my sixth semester with the Herald’s editorial department, my fifth semester on the Editorial Board and my first (!) semester as Editorial Board Chair. It’s been a hot minute, and I feel as if I have a good gauge as to what makes you people tick. But if I’m wrong — and I quite often am — I want to hear from you. Write for the Herald, submit a Letter to the Editor, email at [email protected], tweet me @AbbyRSteinberg or message me on JDate. That’d be a funny story. 

Evelyn Beatrice Hall once said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” The pen — or the keyboard — in this case, is mightier than the sword. Let these words, and the words of the Editorial Board, be the weapon we choose to fight the good fight.

Abby Doeden — Editor-in-Chief

Peyton David/The Badger Herald

Hey I’m Abby, and I’m a news girl at heart. I’m a junior in the Journalism school with a double emphasis on reporting and strategic communications – because I can’t seem to make up my mind yet. When I’m not at the Herald office, you’ll probably find me with my Venti Iced Vanilla Latte and Forage Power Bowl at College Library. 

This is my sixth semester at the Herald, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes us. In my time at the paper, I have worked my way up the news desk starting as a reporter, to the City News Associate, Print News Editor and now Editor-in-Chief. With my second semester on Editorial Board, I am honored to help shape the views of the Badger Herald.

I’m proud to say I have found a home at the Herald, surrounded by amazing people, talents and ideas. Writing about important topics surrounding our campus and community is my passion and I’m always down to talk about it! Feel free to email me at [email protected] to learn more, talk or just share your thoughts. 

Angela Peterson — Director of Public Relations

Angela Peterson is my name, studying history and music is my game. I’ll often drink a cold brew horchata, especially as I am analyzing data. I’m in my senior year and I’m graduating too, but it’s just my fifth semester at the UW. I’m a mod on Milk-Chugging Teens, and I help out the Herald behind the scenes.

A consummate professional, I began my time at The Badger Herald after fellow Editorial Board member Abigail Steinberg walked into the Fifth Floor Kitchen in Smith Hall and recruited me to write for the Hump Day column. Since then, I have served as the Arts Associate Editor, Banter Editor and Arts Editor. Currently, I am the Director of Public Relations in addition to serving on the Editorial Board and the Board of Directors. This is my second semester on the Editorial Board.

The Herald is an amazing place that continues to help me develop skills to gain opportunities at the highest level, but that opportunity isn’t limited to just the voices already on our board and staff. I’m always down to chat about any current issue affecting our campus community or how to become a part of our Herald family. I want to hear every story — good or bad, inspiring or regretful — about this campus, and we need your help to do that. Feel free to slide into my Google Hangouts at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more.

Samiha Bhushan — Opinion Editor

Hello! I’m Samiha. I’m also a generic stressed, sleep-deprived college student that happens to be studying neurobiology and English Literature because they’re totally related. If you need to find me in a pinch, I’m most likely either at Memorial Union eating coffee ice cream or the Historical Society admiring the roof. However, a warning, there is a good chance I won’t hear or see you until you are standing less than a foot away from me due to my severe issues paying attention to my immediate surroundings. 

This will be my second semester of hopefully many more at the Herald, and my first on the Editorial Board. I always loved voicing my opinion about pretty much everything, so becoming an Opinion editor was a natural progression for me. Even in a single semester at the Herald, I have grown both as a person and a writer in ways I could not have even imagined. I have become far more engaged with the news that I consume every day, constantly thinking about what my response would be to certain events and its overall implications in terms of the world we live in.

I also love hearing other people’s thoughts, and one of the main aims we have at the Herald is to stimulate community engagement — we want to hear from you. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] for anything. Seriously. Whether you want to talk politics or rant about the inescapably frigid Midwestern weather or wax poetic about bubble tea, I’m always willing to chat. 

Harry Quick — Opinion Editor

Hi, my name is Harry, and I’m a freshman studying economics. My hobbies include procrastination, questioning whether I picked the right major and playing the violin. Outside of school I spend most of my time at Colectivo on State Street either working or studying. 

I have always enjoyed writing. But when I got to UW I found that none of my classes asked me to write. So I took the logical next step and started writing for the newspaper — and here we are!

It is now my second semester at the Herald and I’m loving it. More excitingly it’s my first semester on the Editorial Board. We’re committed to starting conversations on campus, in Madison and in Wisconsin. But conversations go two ways! Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Nuha Dolby — Print Features Editor

Heyo! I’m Nuha, I’m studying biology and English and I’m telling you right now I’m really loud and annoying so don’t be surprised if you can hear me yelling from the Herald office. Besides my love of ~nuisancing~ others, I knit when I watch Netflix (I call it knitflix, because I’m horrible), I pretend Brockhampton is still underground and I try all sorts of new makeup regularly because I am a catfish. Also, I’m five feet tall, and I will continue to state this as many times as it takes for people to stop telling me I’m “actually 4’11.”

At the Herald, I’ve come up through news, and have been working here since my first semester freshman year. I’ve been a state news editor, print news editor, and now most recently, features editor, along with being on the Board of Directors, but this is my first time on the Editorial Board! Being at the Herald has made me a better writer and a better person, albeit just as annoying as when I first stepped foot in the office. I’m trying, I swear. 

All I do, all day, every day is talk, so may as well make that productive — if you ever want to reach me and have a chat, my email is [email protected]. Please send memes with any emails. Sorry, it’s the law (don’t look that up).