The U.S. Senate has often been called the “world’s greatest deliberative body,” and its members are tasked with creating legislation and providing advice and consent on Presidential appointments. For far too long, Wisconsin has only had one U.S. Senator who answers the call of Wisconsinites and uses his position in Washington to fight for our values. It is time for Wisconsin to elect another U.S. Senator we can count on to fight for us in Washington.

Leah Vukmir is a military mom, nurse and daughter of immigrants who first got into politics not out of ambition, but rather as a concerned “mom-with-a-cause” who wanted to improve the reading program in her daughter’s kindergarten classroom. This involvement led her to run for the State Legislature to keep making positive changes for her family and community.

Vukmir has proven time and again she has what it takes to stand up for Wisconsinites and students alike in Washington. During her time in the state Legislature, she worked with Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch to freeze tuition for University of Wisconsin students, stand with Israel, cut taxes by more than $8 billion and enact some of the most pro-worker and pro-job reforms that Wisconsin had seen in decades, even in the face of death threats. Vukmir hopes to continue her bold reforms in Washington and be a constant champion for Wisconsin values.

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When Leah Vukmir goes to Washington, she will bring her experience in the medical field as a nurse to the table to fight for health care reform that works for Wisconsinites. Vukmir supports free-market solutions to healthcare which put Americans back in charge of their own choices, after the Affordable Care Act’s promises of being able to keep your doctor and lower premiums failed. Vukmir has also said she would rather “fall in front of a truck” then allow people with pre-existing conditions to go without coverage.

Vukmir also has a proven record of fighting for health care reform in the State Legislature, including legislation with bipartisan support. Vukmir championed legislation which allows pharmacists to substitute prescription drugs with their generic counterpart to save patients money on their prescriptions. Additionally, Vukmir worked with other lawmakers on a task force to help combat the opioid crisis in Wisconsin.

Vukmir’s long record of reform stands in stark contrast with her opponent. Simply put, incumbent U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, has continuously put Washington interests or brunching in the Hamptons over Wisconsinites time and again. Instead of voting for historic tax reform that saves the average Wisconsin family of 4 more than $2,500 per year and cut taxes for an estimated 90 percent of Americans, she has chosen to vote to increase taxes and fees.

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Additionally, Baldwin also continues to support the Affordable Care Act even after it caused premiums in Wisconsin to double and triple. Most recently, Senator Baldwin has also backed a plan for socialized medicine which would cost taxpayers $32.6 trillion in the first ten years alone. When looking at funding the plan, a study found that the cost of the plan could not be covered even if federal individual and corporate income tax collections doubled.

Most disturbingly, Baldwin failed the bravest among us when she sat on a report detailing the over-prescription of opiates at the Tomah VA for months. Her actions had severe consequences; a veteran died and other veterans became addicted. Instead of taking action, she fired a member of her staff and offered them a severance package to keep quiet. The whistleblower who brought the issues at the Tomah VA to light has now said that it would be “immoral” to vote for Tammy Baldwin.

Vukmir has proven that she is more than ready for the U.S. Senate. As a legislator, she did not back down from her convictions even when it was unpopular to do so. She also worked across the aisle to enact legislation benefitting all Wisconsinites. Instead of delivering more of the same from Washington, Vukmir will be a tireless advocate and will deliver real results for all Wisconsinites.

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Alesha Guenther is a Junior majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. She is also the Communications Director of College Republicans and the Co-Chair of Students for Leah Vukmir.