In this crucial election year, the University of Wisconsin College Democrats are looking for passionate and hardworking college students to help elect Democrats down the ballot and to meet like-minded, progressive individuals.

It isn’t a secret that Democrats underperformed in 2016. Since then, however, progressives have been making a strong comeback. In April, Rebecca Dallet was elected to serve a ten-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, helping to balance a conservative-leaning bench and more accurately reflect the Wisconsin electorate. Additionally, Wisconsin voted to preserve the Office of the State Treasurer, blocking Gov. Scott Walker’s grab to have more funds under his discretion. We view both the Supreme Court election and the referendum outcome as important victories that have helped us build momentum heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

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As College Democrats, we are continuously inspired by Wisconsin’s motto, “forward.” Because of this, we are choosing to put our past shortcomings behind us and are determined to work hard to move Wisconsin in the right direction. The first step in doing so requires that we work to elect our exceptional Democratic ticket. We were greatly encouraged to see a high turnout in the Democratic primary. Moving forward, two important goals for us this election season are to reelect our beloved Senator Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, as well as elect State Superintendent Tony Evers as governor.

Sen. Baldwin made history in 2013 when she became Wisconsin’s first female senator and the first openly gay person to be elected to the U.S. Senate. She has admirably served as a legislator at multiple levels of government, clearly demonstrating her experience and effectiveness as a legislator. We must fight earnestly to reelect Baldwin because she has shown a steadfast commitment to Wisconsin’s progressive values, particularly in working to make post-secondary education and healthcare more affordable for working families.

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It is critical that Democrats regain the office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor so that we can, among other things, restore funding for education, rebuild our infrastructure and raise wages.  It’s time we elect executive officeholders that Wisconsin deserves. We believe Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes are the right Democrats for the job.

Furthermore, throughout the Trump presidency, we have watched as a Republican-controlled Congress has refused to check a president who has obstructed justice and constantly undermines our valued American institutions such as the FBI. Time and again Congressional Republicans have made it clear they find it more important to protect a member of their political tribe rather to than stand up to the president and do what is right for the country. As stated by former President Barack Obama, “ … There is actually only one real check on bad policy and abuses of power, and that’s you. You and your vote.”

In the time before the election, College Democrats will be providing its student members with dozens of opportunities for action. This includes meeting to send out phone calls and texts, canvassing and registering voters on campus. We will also have several chances for students to get great exposure to our Democratic candidates. For example, Congressman Mark Pocan will be joining College Dems at our kickoff meeting on Sept. 20. We will also be hosting events to help our members get to know each other better, such as “Speed Deming” and a meeting where we will be decorating signs and buttons to advocate for candidates and our values in general. We hope you will be joining us for this exciting semester.

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Not only does College Democrats provide excellent opportunities for action, we also help our members get connected with internships in the area and back home. Many students in College Dems have interned with Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s official Legislative Office as well as with her campaign. It’s no question that College Democrats is a great way to get connected for those looking to find a career in progressive politics

With all that said, we hope that you will join UW College Democrats this semester in the fight for progressive values on our campus. We cannot stress enough the importance of staying engaged from now until Nov. 6. We’re going to need all hands on deck — all the energy you have this semester to elect Democrats down the ballot so that we can get back on track and move Wisconsin forward. Thank you and don’t forget to vote Democrat for Wisconsin.

Sam Schwab ([email protected]) is a senior junior majoring in political science and English. He is also Press Secretary for the College Democrats of UW-Madison.