Spoiler alert: You can’t live off of fruit roll ups and GrubHub forever.

College is a place where you will truly feel independent, but with that comes responsibility. Everyone knows that you’re supposed to “eat healthy,” but what does that mean? Feeding yourself properly and exercising sufficiently seem to be quite easy tasks, but it’s always way easier said than done. At least it was until now, thanks to the Nutrition Services provided by University Health Services.

The University of Wisconsin has recently joined America’s Healthy Campus Initiative, which promotes wellness in college students across the country. In hopes to achieve a healthier and happier student body, there are now whole new hosts of programs available for UW students to become educated about nutrition. 

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Individual wellness sessions can be booked with UHS, which will connect students with ‘health-oriented psychologists” to help them develop a set strategy for how to tackle their desired diet and exercise goals to fit their needs. This could be particularly useful to students with allergies or those concerned with inserting healthy eating habits into their new college schedules. Through these sessions, students can also be referred to different UHS staff members for different help and information.

Even if you don’t feel that one of these sessions is necessary for you, I highly recommend visiting the UHS Nutrition Services website regardless as it provides some quick and easy healthy recipes for busy college students. From breakfast foods like huevos rancheros to savory entrees like parmesan chicken, it’s definitely a step up from Cup Noodles.

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One major take away from UHS Nutrition Services is how strongly wellness is linked with many other aspects of our lives beyond just the food that we eat. Wellness embodies both the body and mind. Wholesome and healthy foods should also be paired with other healthy lifestyle practices such as working out, sleeping well and taking time to destress.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t treat yo’ self from time to time, but if your treating turns into a problem, you now have a place to turn.

Jill Kazlow ([email protected]) is a sophomore intending to major in journalism.