Well, here we go again.

The University of Wisconsin Associated Students of Madison has spent the year passing another series of absurd resolutions and completely misrepresenting the student body, most recently by issuing a demand that UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank resign after she denounced their unsupported nonsense.

Once again, with the notable exception of two thoughtful individuals, the feckless liberals on the council failed to stand up to the sociopaths of the radical left. After all, questioning anything they do makes you racist and oppressive.

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And of course, these resolutions are always filled with a certain bizarre language: systems of oppression, implicit bias, de-centering, indigenous bodies, marginalized communities, micro-aggressions, intersections of identities.

Make no mistake — these are no mere buzzwords. They are an insidious form of newspeak from an ideology that sees reality as nothing more than a set of narratives that exist to reinforce power structures and people as nothing more than representatives of their demographic groups.

What is this ideology? It goes by many names, but let’s call it by the one in everyday use: equity.

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Equity is not equality of opportunity or individual rights. Equity is equality of outcome. Equity is all the worst of 20th century communism, brought back and turned up to 11, with the proletariat replaced with a myriad of oppressed groups.

Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar’s brilliant satirical video “Modern Educayshun” provides a good example of what equity means. Students might be tempted to write this all off as a phenomenon particular to millennials in universities, but these people are sophisticated, and dedicated to bringing equity everywhere.

Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, who is something of an expert on dangerous ideologies, has warned against the increasing use of flawed implicit bias tests by human resource departments that purport to detect hidden racism, as an encroachment of their attempts at mind control into the corporate world.

Ordinary people have been fired from their jobs and harassed over postings on social media deemed oppressive. Since President Donald Trump’s election, these neo-communists have become increasingly aggressive — the Berkeley riot in February being a good example.

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No, we shouldn’t ignore this problem. What happened in China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1970s and the French Reign of Terror of the 1790s can happen here, too. These are dangerous movements influenced by people who have been preparing for revolution for ages, and in an instant they can get what they want.

If you care about liberty, speak out against equity. Don’t accept their newspeak or slogans. If you find yourself constantly defending your status as an ally to these people, then stop. Your value is more than just to be an ally in a one-sided relationship. They will destroy you emotionally if you give in, for they are insatiable vampires.

With this in mind, I also propose a demand. Of course, this is symbolic, but perhaps we can agree it is needed. This demand is that the 24th session of the ASM Student Council immediately abolishes the Equity and Inclusion Committee. Moreover, the Provost’s Office can take a similar step by eliminating the Office of Equity and Diversity. This won’t solve the problem overnight, but these would be great first steps.

Amanda Love ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in mathematics.