Freedom, liberty, opportunity, justice.

These are just a few words used to describe our country. If any of these terms deeply resonate with your image of this country, you are probably a Republican.

Furthermore, if you believe equal opportunity, economic empowerment and a free capitalist market make America better than other countries, you might just be a Republican.

If you believe any entrepreneur should be able to start a business without government interference, you might actually be a Republican.

Or if you believe individuals have certain unalienable rights that should not be taken away, and if you believe that the government shouldn’t intervene in citizens’ daily lives, you might just be Republican.

If you believe in the classic “American dream” and the idea that everyone has the chance to succeed, you are a probably a Republican.

Finally, if you believe in the power of the individual over the power of government, you are definitely a Republican, and you have just found a home on The University of Wisconsin’s campus: College Republicans.

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UW’s chapter of College Republicans is the biggest in the state. The Facebook page for College Republicans of UW-Madison has more likes than the College Democrats’. What does this tell you?

It shows there are many more students on this campus who believe in the basic tenants of American culture than one would think. These conservative students believe the values that made this country so great are vital to our society.

It is easy to step on this campus and be overwhelmed by the amount of liberalism following your every move. From professors giving lower grades on assignments if you don’t agree with them, to students who won’t even talk to you because of a Republican sticker on your laptop.

But don’t be afraid to have differing views than others. Many students won’t tell others they’re Republican for fear of being chastised. The best way to meet these fellow conservatives is to join College Republicans.

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The people you meet in this organization will become some of your best friends. You will find you share many more things in common with fellow members than merely political views. Social events such as attending a Milwaukee Brewers game and gun-range trip, as well as the Conservative Political Action Conference, are great ways to connect with members.

If you are interested in a political career, making friends through College Republicans is a great way to have connections. Many recent graduates, former members of the organization, have gone on to work at the Wisconsin Capitol, a think tank in Washington, D.C. and even the U.S. Capitol.

Conservative speakers ranging from Gov. Scott Walker to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville, media personalities and state representatives have all come to speak to our members at meetings. There aren’t many opportunities to both hear and meet these speakers in such a casual setting, so take advantage of it while you can.

Along with the speakers, there are a multitude of opportunities open to our members. Frequently, internship and job opportunities are provided in our meetings. Recruiters from various congresspeople and the Republican Party of Wisconsin attend meetings, hoping to find eager new interns, knowing the College Republicans  are their best bet. There are also chances to help with grassroots efforts and various political campaigns across the state. The opportunities are truly endless.

College Republicans of UW is an organization where all are welcome to come and share their beliefs. You won’t be yelled at or shunned because you may disagree with a fellow member. Even if you are merely curious about Republican ideals and want to learn more, please attend. Joining College Republicans provides you with experiences, opportunities and friends that last a lifetime.

Also, we usually have pizza at our meetings.

Kennedy Borman is a sophomore majoring in political science. She serves as the Outreach Director on College Republicans executive board.