Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has thrown around many baseless conspiracy theories over the course of his campaign, but this time around, he may actually have shed light on some truth.

Trump’s claim involves Wisconsin Republican darling and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. At a campaign stop in Green Bay on Sunday, Trump suggested Ryan’s waning support of him had to do with Ryan’s own presidential ambitions in 2020.

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It honestly appears that way.

Ryan already has taken a stab at making a presidential campaign ad, released in April 2016, decrying divisive politics and advocating for liberals and conservatives to have a “battle of ideas,” not of blatant, ad hominem attacks as seen in this election.

Through optimism and advocating for the issues, Ryan can move the GOP away from Trump’s politics of vile attacks and realign the Republican party under straightforward conservatism.

Thirteen percent of Republicans already want him to run for president in 2020, second only to Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence, who received 22 percent support.

If Trump loses the election, Republicans who supported him will be attacked for their ties to the obvious racist, bigot and misogynist. Since Pence is Trump’s running mate, he can never escape the aura of Trump.

Ryan would be able to beat out Pence in 2020 due to his lack of connection with Trump, which Pence won’t be able to explain away, and Ryan’s ability to convey a positive message and stay on task. Take the promotion his Congressional plan, A Better Way. Ryan, tweeting with the hashtag #ABetterWay, uses his Twitter platform to foster conversation on the issues facing the nation, showing in a positive light that these issues can be solved.

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Even if Trump’s comments lack a grain of truth, I would be highly surprised if Ryan doesn’t run for president in 2020. He already has a group of people who support him, national policymaking experience and a position in the House that will give him constant national press coverage. Don’t be surprised when Trump’s prediction comes true.

Aaron Reilly ([email protected]) is a sophomore majoring in social work and economics.