In Dane County, there will be an experiment. A mad scientist, County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner, District 2, has devised a plan to provide free tampons and pads in eight county buildings.

Bill to make tampons free in public restrooms faces oppositionRep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, announced Monday new legislation to provide feminine hygiene products in public school and government building restrooms, Read…

This measure is sure to cause duress, stress and anxiety upon at least half of the population — probably the male half. The reason for this is simple: We’re taking the control of the lady parts away from the responsible men.

I thought we decided this in 2012 — when only men were at a congressional hearing about women’s health. Men make the decisions about what’s right for women. Men, frankly, are more responsible than women. Take me for instance: I’ve only passed out in a parking garage once this semester.

Ultimately, this shouldn’t even be provided by the government. When the country is faced with an exorbitant national debt, why are we frivolously spending the hefty sum of $3,500 to fund this dispersal of tampons and pads?

Officials set to approve free tampons in county buildingsEight Dane County buildings would provide free tampons and pads for low-income people in a proposal that will be voted Read…

The last time I checked, only half of the population in this country is comprised of women, so this legislation isn’t helping all the people, but a select interest group.

To help everybody, there should be shaving cream and razors for men, in addition to tampons for women, offered at no cost. I know that men arrive at work and think, “Oh no, I forgot to shave this morning.” No one should have to miss work or school or compromise their dignity because they have forgotten to shave. It’s important there be a system in place to handle this critical, crucial issue. Honestly, this is the perfect example of reverse sexism — women are getting to benefit from legislation while men are left out in a cold world, where they can’t even shave their beards.

But one of the so-called reasons that providing tampons in public county buildings is a necessity is the growing number of women in the workforce.

If we were really preparing the public for more women in the workforce, free condoms would be available in every public restroom. If The Wolf of Wall Street” has taught us anything, it’s that when men and women are in the same environment, they naturally revert to their carnal, animalistic instincts. It is a public responsibility to prepare for the inevitable hook-ups that happen at work.

Aaron Reilly ([email protected]) is a freshman majoring in comparative literature and Russian.