It’s a badly kept office secret that editor-in-chief applicants all get the same question in their interview: Where do you see The Badger Herald in five years?

In other words, how will the editorial department ensure The Badger Herald is still relevant in five years?

As a cheat sheet to all Herald EIC-hopefuls, valid answers include, but are not limited to, The Badger Herald will have a stronger campus brand, continue to experiment and teach the next generation of journalists.

Last spring, in my interview, I answered: The Badger Herald will be fully digitally integrated with a revamped weekly print edition.

This year we, as a staff, have taken the time to critically look at our editorial, business, advertising and marketing models to shape the next generation of The Badger Herald.

As my final announcement as editor-in-chief, I am excited to say in fall 2015, The Badger Herald will transition its print product to a weekly magazine tabloid on stands every Tuesday.

The Herald will continue to develop its video team, social media team, breaking news and digital-native content.

Over the past year, we have made a concerted effort to supplement our daily online coverage with two feature-first print editions a week, providing an analytical angle to local and statewide affairs. Transitioning to a weekly print edition seemed as a natural next step.

With this transition, we will also expand our marketing and creative departments, develop partnerships with local student-run groups, included a merger with Humans of UW-Madison and make sure The Badger Herald is synonymous with UW’s lifestyle.

In the past months, I have watched our team tirelessly cover breaking city news, Gov. Scott Walker’s obsession with “being bold,” nail-biting Badgers sports and Madison’s artsiest groups. We have contributed to campus, city and state discussions on our opinion page, and our video team may or may not have accidentally broke the law in an attempt to demystify a campus legend.

My college experience, like many before me, has been defined by this organization. The Herald is where I learned how to cover Board of Regents meetings, to dress appropriately for news conferences in the Capitol, live tweet, show up to final exams covered in champagne and fall in love with Los Gemelos’ tacos.

The people in our office are the hardest working people I know. They put every ounce of their being into the Herald. For that I am very grateful.

As I pass on my very old and dirty desk to the immensely talented Aliya Iftikhar, start reflecting on my four years and take out my last bag of Herald trash, I cannot help but think that we are absolutely doing something important.

I applied to be a copy editor at The Badger Herald as a senior in high school. Next week I will graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in The Badger Herald. I could not be any prouder.

Tara Golshan is actually graduating with degrees in journalism and international studies with a certificate in French.