As week six comes to a close, University of Wisconsin students are engulfed in their midterms, laboring over second-hand physics books in College Library until dawn. Not only is this time of the year especially rough on freshmen, who are getting their first taste of what college is really like (among protests and complaints of “High school didn’t prepare me for this!”) but also on seasoned upperclassmen in the full throes of senioritis.

But we’re here to remind you that there is indeed light at the end of this hell-ish tunnel, that your sleepless nights and hours of stress and study will culminate into something special, that the fruits of your labor will indeed grow to resemble some sort of healthy vegetation.

Here are nine things to look forward to post-midterms:

1. Everyone will stop complaining about midterms … until next week when grades are returned.

Video by johnsmithqqq

2. The first UW men’s basketball game Nov. 5 against UW-Parkside. Prepare for another Final Four run.

3. Oct. 16’s Plaza Thursday. Oct. 23’s Plaza Thursday. Oct. 30’s Plaza Thursday.

Joey Reuteman/The Badger Herald

4. Drinking coffee for the taste, not its ability to keep you conscious.

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5. That elusive snow day dream.

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6. Beating the Gophers in Nov. 29’s Minnesota vs. Badgers football game.

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7. The November elections, an end to the endless political ads and the ability to cross #31 off your Bucky List.


8. Freakfest. That great Halloween festival where anonymous public drunkenness, in conjunction with outdoor moshing and head-banging, are unquestionably acceptable.

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9. Plenty of time to get on top of your readings and work for the next round of midterms.