It’s finally that point in April where it’s safe to declare that spring has officially arrived. After almost a week of consistently warm weather and numerous sightings of bare arms and legs, memories of the Polar Vortex are already becoming distant nightmares. However, because winter seemed especially long this year, a reminder of appropriate spring behavior is now in order.

Following are 22 things that are now appropriate to do now that it is spring.

  1. Wear salmon shorts
  2. Study on Bascom Hill
  3. Sunbathe in that little triangle of grass across from the Aberdeen, in plain view of five high-rise apartments
  4. Wear Sperrys without socks
  5. Drink on your porch
  6. Anxiously wait for the chairs to return to the Terrace
  7. Have bonfires at Picnic Point
  8. Buy fro-yo
  9. Don athletic gear and join the hordes of students running laps outside
  10. Wear bro-tanks
  11. Start an ultimate Frisbee league
  12. Sit outside on Library Mall eating … oh shit, there’s never-ending construction on Library Mall
  13. Start planning your Mifflin/Revelry/end-of-year shit show
  14. Play basketball at Sellery Courts and/or volleyball on the Witte Courts
  15. Bring home groceries without freezing your hands off
  16. Lock up your bike to anything
  17. Take a dip in Lake Mendota
  18. Walk wherever you want on/across Charter Street between classes
  19. Eat meals from all the food carts
  20. Go to the Farmers’ Market at Capitol Square
  21. Smoke weed out on the boathouse pier
  22. Wear sandals; with socks, particularly if you live on Willy Street