David Hookstead, known around the University of Wisconsin for his UW Confessions page and his empty-headed claims regarding rape culture (it’s “nonexistent”), has once again caused a public stir, this time in his attempt to endorse Gov. Scott Walker.

Hookstead earned the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online’s reputable title of “sexist undergrad” after Walker’s campaign site featured his tweet that said “Scott Walker has proposed over $800 million in tax cuts. Time to keep Wisconsin growing.” The post that was later removed due to Hookstead’s contemptible history of blatant misogyny and the campaign’s wish to distinguish itself and Walker from such a radical figure. One Wisconsin Now, an organization dedicated to promoting equal economic opportunity for all in Wisconsin, socially exposed Hookstead’s tribulations, tweeting at him:

That pretty much sums it up. I can’t wait to see the next hit Hookstead’s personal brand takes.