As Badgers reminisce about another school year gone by and all the knowledge they have recently forgotten, it is clear they need some better life guidance. Created by a former Badger, The Official De Re Seal Of Approval Running List Of Life Lessons will fill the void professors, administrators and TAs have left in the Wisconsin educational experience.

The Official De Re Seal Of Approval Running List Of Life Lessons

Purpose: Avoiding Jams


Life Lesson #1: Always Carry Cash


Life Lesson #2: Never Let Anyone Drive Your Car


Life Lesson #3: Always Know Your Options


Life Lesson #4: Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


Life Lesson #5: Keep The Honest People Honest


Life Lesson #6: Always Present A Firm Handshake


Life Lesson #7: Know Your Role


Life Lesson #8: Do What You Do, But Don’t Make It Obvious


Life Lesson #9: Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds


Life Lesson #10: Pay Attention


Life Lesson #11: Avoid Dead Weight


Life Lesson #12: Always Carry Your Sharpest Tools


Life Lesson #13: Keep Your Eyes Down The Road


Life Lesson #14: Measure Twice, Cut Once


Life Lesson #15: Never Pay For Your Own Business Cards


Life Lesson #16: Dress For The Weather, Not For The Season


Life Lesson #17: Ingratiate Appropriately


Life Lesson #18: Only Date Excellence


Life Lesson #19: Don’t Fly Too Close To The Sun


Life Lesson #20: Master The Fundamentals


Note from the author, Matthew De Re: I hope these Life Lessons will help guide you through life and ensure you will never end up in the jams in which I was once found. So much blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of this list. I struggled so you don’t have to. Use these lessons and use them well. I wish you all the best of luck and On Wisconsin! 

All material subsumed under the title “The Official ‘De Re Seal Of Approval’ Running List Of Life Lessons” (the “Life Lessons”) is a copyrighted work of Matthew De Re and may not be reproduced in any from without express written consent of the author. The Life Lessons are a collection of facts, public domain maxims and life experiences that have been originally compiled, created and fixated in this digital and other physical media. Any inquiries into the nature of this list and its creation, originality or fixation may be directed to Matthew De Re himself and no others.

Matthew De Re ([email protected]) graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2011 and is now studying law at Washington University in St. Louis.