I would like to congratulate reporter Polo Rocha on his coverage of this week’s Democratic budget hearing (“Walker criticized for education, health care proposals in Democrats’ budget hearing”). His classic, straightforward reporting far outshone the Capital Times’ efforts. My 11-year-old daughter Lydia, whose testimony against school voucher expansion got the biggest round of applause all evening, was delighted to see her name and quote in print!

However, I did not feel able to bring her the entire Badger Herald issue, due to the very first thing on the front page: the colloquial call-out to the column on female orgasm. I know that future University of Wisconsin students may not be the first people under consideration when choosing front-page material, but I’d have liked to be able to bring home your paper without having to discuss “the art of eating pussy” with my fifth-grade daughter.

Your audience is, in fact, broader than the current UW student body. Please keep this in mind.

Joanne Juhnke ([email protected]) is a librarian with the Data & Information Services Center.