I was somewhat puzzled by the fracas at the Associated Students of Madison over the group of students who wish to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. Here’s why: It is a rare week when our course readings do not disparage Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, capitalism, Christianity and/or the mean ol’ United States. The Mosse Humanities Building is a veritable party barge of Marxists, socialists and lusty leftists, steaming enthusiastically into the Minervan sunset of Western civilization. And, if intra-departmental emails are any indication, I am apparently one of about three people who do not believe Gov. Scott Walker is the reincarnation of Nero. This university is the Fort Ticonderoga of the Democratic Party. By what charmed sophistry, then, do the College Democrats, et al., presume to argue the issue of CPAC attendance is ultimately one of maintaining neutrality?

Leaving all this aside, though, is this not the same university whose administration last fall rather obsequiously turned the keys to Bascom Hill over to President Barack Obama and his minions?  Paul Soglin, Herb Kohl, Mark Pocan and the nonpartisan, nonaligned Tammy Baldwin also showed up, by sheer coincidence, for what even the Obama for America camp, lapsing into honesty, referred to as a “campaign event.” The university administration continues to maintain this was “educational,” though. OK, fair enough. In the interest of education, why not give the last remnants of sanity on this campus a break from their daily Newspeak lessons and let them trundle on down to join their fellow subversives at a conference? Who knows – they might actually learn something.

Jason Morgan ([email protected]) is a Ph.D. student in the history department.