Even though our 2012 election endorsements were powerful, laurel-worthy and heroic, The Badger Herald Editorial Board cannot take that much credit for the national and statewide Democratic victories.

Ever the tastemakers, our endorsement track record further cements the staggering and mind-numbing influence student editorial boards play in national politics.

These endorsements made us drunk with power. However, we realized the immense civic responsibility that we owed the State of Wisconsin, nay, the United States of America.

So let’s review.

In the presidential election, we bravely endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term. For U.S. Senate, we reviewed the issue of health care, and like the Justice herself, endorsed Tammy Baldwin. As Baldwin’s successor in the U.S. Congress, we endorsed Mark Pocan. Check, check and check.

We understood that we had to endorse the right candidate in each race, lest we give an inept politician the tide-turning momentum that would surely secure them a seat to govern. Any negative consequences would weigh on our conscience. We deliberated and edited for hours, knowing the editorial burden we willingly bear.