In his quest to bring medieval fighting to the fore in student life, former Student Services Finance Committee chair Matt Manes succeeded in pulling Excalibur from the proverbial stone. In the case of this sword-related metaphor, we’re referring to his successful application to fund his live action role-playing club, also known as the Medieval Warriorcraft League.

Yes, for those of us interested in the medieval arts of sword fighting and legal wordsmithing, a wealth of services – from classes on warrior ethics to “How to Implode the GSSF Fund”- are available for students. Hear, hear! Finally, this vital student service will be available to one and all.

But for all his apparent interest in valor and chivalry, Manes is more Machiavelli than King Arthur. While his love for LARPing may be genuine, his goals enveloped in the now infamous “golden clause” of his budget are less so.

Does he want to blast apart the GSSF funding system from the inside out as his final hurrah? Or does he merely wish to bequeath the venerable art form of LARPing upon the student body? His every move is as calculated as the princes of the Florentine Republic, so there’s no telling for sure.

The answer will only be known if Matt Manes releases a Joaquin Phoenix-esque documentary. Our suggested title – The Manes in the Medieval Mask.