I read your May 8 editorial “Vote Barrett” this morning urging students to vote for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. I was appalled at the blatant political partisanship shown by your staff and the derogatory tone with which you spoke of Gov. Scott Walker and his so-called “radicalism.”

I would just like to present to you the perspective of those of us who don’t blindly follow the liberal party line so prevalent here in Madison – a perspective the Herald seems eager to ignore. I voted for Scott Walker today because I believe in a Wisconsin led by a man with no college degree, where we spend more money on our prison system than our education system, where we cut funding to schools and health care in order to fund corporate tax breaks, and in a Wisconsin that has gone from a top 15 job creator to dead last in the nation.

I believe in a Wisconsin where we restrict women’s access to birth control and deny gays the right to marry – because freedom of religion means freedom to impose your beliefs on others. Wisconsin needs a governor who has the courage to stand up to the union thugs and greedy educators with their lavish salaries and pensions, a governor that is willing to pass a voter ID bill that would disenfranchise thousands of voters that are opposed to his policies, a governor that unapologetically rejects compromise and sticks to his guns.

And that’s what we have in Gov. Walker – a man so willing to stick to his guns that at one point last fall you could literally bring a gun into the state Capitol Building – but not a camera or a protest sign. In short – shame on you, Badger Herald. I hope that in the future you will hold your staff to higher standards and consider both sides of the issues. And to all the voters: Stand With Walker – because clearly, “It’s Working.”

Nicholas Klotz ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in economics and international studies.